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Shooting and editing quality video with a smartphone (Android or Iphone) in Africa

Learn how to shoot and edit professional videos on your smartphone, and receive a mini-reporting kit.

Formation iPhone en reportage

This 2 or 3-day mobile video course will enable you to produce videos that make a difference on the web and social networks. You’ll leave with a mini-reporting kit consisting of a lapel microphone and two mini tripods. This course, which we also run in Europe, is highly practical, with small groups of no more than 8 people, and is aimed at anyone who has realised that video is the most effective means of expression for communicating online, whether you are a journalist, communicator, trainer, blogger, activist or other. A training certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

You are
  • Professionals in the media, communications or creative and cultural industries in Africa.
  • Professionals from non-governmental organisations or international organisations.
  • Civil society activists
On completion of the course, you will be able to
  • Shoot video sequences for news reports (interviews, still shots, sequence shots, timelapse, etc.)

  • Editi on a smartphone or tablet (iPhone or Android)

  • Add titles/texts/graphics to videos

  • Put videos online on the web or social networks

  • Take professional photos and upload them online using a smartphone or tablet (iPhone or Android)

  • Manage the settings on your smartphone or tablet to get the most out of it (particularly those that save battery power)

Teaching method


Exercises during the training course.

This course is very much focused on practice and the production of digital content using a smartphone or tablet. Short theoretical sequences on the basics of framing and sound recording alternate with numerous practical exercises (including location shooting).
Theory: approximately 30%. Practical exercises: approximately 70%..



Introduction: the smartphone revolution
The iOS and Android environments, apps, the AppStore and Google Play Store
Technical checks (updates, etc)
Configuring your smartphone/tablet to save battery power
Techniques for taking good images with your smartphone
The rules of framing and composition
Correcting/retouching images on a smartphone
Shot values and the 5-shot method
How the free shooting app Cinema FV5 lite works
Conducting a video interview
Filming equipment and accessories (microphone, tripod, boom)
Interview exercises with a lapel microphone
Critical feedback on the images produced


Shooting different shot values and B-roll shots 
Finding original angles with your smartphone and tablet
Shooting timelapse/slowmotion with your smartphone
Camera movements
The principles of video editing
How the free editing app VN works
Editing a video shot the day before
Recording voice-over / on location
Adding text to images
Publication of the video and sharing on social networks
Reminder of the essential points of the training and debriefing with the trainees
Evaluation of trainees

DAY 3 (optional)

Personalised coaching carried out between one week and one month after the training.

Equipment required

This course is aimed at owners of iPhone (or iPad tablet) or Android smartphones. Participants bring their own equipment to the course (or we can provide smartphones if required by your organisation).
Devices with at least 32 GB of memory are recommended. At least 2 GB available on the smartphone is required for the course.

The following models are recommended:

  • Android: contact us to check the compatibility of your model with the applications used. There are thousands of different Android smartphones, and not all of them have the same capabilities, particularly when it comes to producing high-definition video.
  • iPhone
    All iPhones from iPhone 6 plus [identify your iPhone model].
  • iPad
    All models from iPad 4 onwards [identify your iPad model].

We can also equip your beneficiaries with the most efficient smartphones for video (shooting, sound recording and editing). Please contact us for equipment recommendations.

This iReporter mini-kit for smartphone can be supplied with any registration for our training sessions. The mini-kit contains:

  1. a Boya lapel microphone
  2. a mini tripod
  3. a clip for attaching the smartphone to a tripod or selfie pole
  4. an articulated tripod

Training certificate

At the end of the session, Samsa Africa issues a training certificate to participants who have successfully completed the various exercises proposed during the course.

Dates & places
Que signifie Mojo ?

Mojo is a contraction of “mobile” and “journalist”. Hence a Mojo is not only a mobile journalist but also anyone producing quality video with a smartphone.
The term Mojo therefore refers to the production of content using lightweight equipment (smartphone, tripod, microphone).
The Mojo principle is developing in the media, but also in companies in all sectors, for both internal and external communication. The technique is also making significant inroads in the world of education and training, when it comes to producing tutorials and even courses using light-weight resources.

Our trainers

Our trainers are seasoned professionals, mainly journalists based in Africa or Europe, with extensive experience of working and living conditions on the continent.